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Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board 


Who Was I?  |  Where Am I?

They came from Italy and Cornwall, from Dalmatia and Ireland, from New Hampshire and Virginia. Some were miners searching for gold. Some were lumberjacks, shop keepers, school teachers or ranchers. Some brought families, some came alone. They worked and lived and loved in Amador County. And now they rest in our historic cemeteries.

Some have elaborate towering tombstones, some simple marble stones.

Some have no markers at all--that we want to change.


There are unmarked graves, outlined in stone or bricks or crumbling cement--but no names.  There are mortuary markers showing where someone is buried--but the temporary markers have long since become illegible.



 Early records for the cemeteries are rare. Some were never made, some were destroyed by fire or flood, and some lost when a clerk took them home and forgot about them.

The mortuaries in the county have some information on which cemetery a person was buried in--but not where in that cemetery.

The Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board  has a Who Was I? campaign to identify all the unmarked graves in the county’s historic cemeteries. Once the identification has been made, we will install simple headstone as time and money permits. That will allow us to forever remember who is buried there.

If you know of anyone buried in the historic cemeteries who does not have a headstone, please contact Barbara McMahon, 295-7182 or Carolyn Fregulia 223-4601. As the Board members working on this project, we will accompany you to identify the final resting place.


Donations Welcomed

If you or an organization to which you belong wish to contribute to the Amador Cemetery Trust Fund to help pay for the cost of headstone repairs, donations are gladly welcomed. You may send donations to Amador County Cemetery Trust, c/o Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board, 810 Court Street, Jackson, CA 95642.

The Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board is appointed by the county’s Board of Supervisors. Members are citizens concerned about the historic cemeteries which have no perpetual care program and rely on the cemetery board and volunteers for their upkeep.

For further information, please contact any member of the Amador County Historic Cemeteries Board.