Smoke-Free Parks

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A Fresh Idea for Amador County Families

Tobacco-free parks are parks where use of all tobacco products including chewing tobacco, dip, snuff, etc. is prohibited on park property. Smoke-free parks are parks where the use of combustible products like cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, etc. is prohibited on park property. Tobacco and smoke-free parks can be identified by protections included as part of the parks policies. Those who smoke can enjoy the parks, but tobacco use in the parks would be not be allowed.



Benefits of Tobacco-Free Parks

Many community residents use parks as a way to increase their physical activity, enjoy time with family, and explore nature. Unfortunately, secondhand smoke and litter from tobacco products can make the park environment harmful to residents.

Reasons to make your park tobacco/smoke-free:

  • Over 480,000 deaths are caused by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke in the United States.

  • Cigarettes and cigarette butts are the most littered item in the entire world – more than 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered each year. Cigarette butts have also proven to be slow to decompose and costly to clean up.

  • Absence of tobacco in parks protects children by reducing the perception that tobacco use is healthy, acceptable adult behavior.

  • Children often pick cigarette butts up and place them in their mouths, putting them at risk for toxic chemicals. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study concluded that one-third of children who had ingested cigarette butts exhibited symptoms of illness such as spontaneous vomiting, nausea, lethargy, and gagging.

By The Numbers

  1. 87% of Amador County adults do not smoke. smoke free parks 2

  2. 91% Amador County residents polled in 2018 say that they would support smoke-free public outdoor places.

  3. The City of Jackson passed a smoke free parks ordinance in 2015.

  4. The City of Ione passed a smoke free parks ordinance in 2018.

Making Other Outdoor Spaces Tobacco Free

Owners of any space can legally make their property tobacco free inside and outside

  • Smoke free policies do not tell someone they must quit, only that they cannot smoke in the area.
  • Most people want to live and play in a smoke free environment.
  • Make the policy known to all visitors by posting signs stating the area is smoke free.
  • Signage also empowers people to ask someone who is smoking to put it out.
  • Smoking areas do not have to be designated but should you designate smoking areas make sure the signs in those areas are visible.
  • Should you decide to allow smoking, make sure it is in an area far away from people and provide receptacles to properly dispose of all smoking materials. smoke free 4


The resources below will help community members and decision-makers compile the needed tools to advocate for smoke-free parks.

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