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Smoke Free Child Care

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Listed by City:



  1. Landergen Family Day Care 
  2. Web of Life Preschool/Daycare
  3. Lori’s Child Care
  4. Little Oaks Learning Center
  5. Jackson State Preschool
  6. ATCAA Jackson Early Head Start
  7. ATCAA Jackson Head Start State Preschool
  8. Zully Six Childcare
  9. Amador Cooperative Preschool
  10. Bree Bree's Day Care
  11. Sunny Hill Daycare


  1. Happy Little Hands
  2. McQuiston Family Childcare
  3. Ione State Preschool
  4. ATCAA Ione Head Start
  5. ATCAA Ione Early Head Start
  6. Tiny Treasures Daycare
  7. Britnie's Day Care
  8. O'Connell Family Day Care


  1. Staci Riggle Family Childcare
  2. Wright Day Care
  3. Community Christian Preschool
  4. Country Care Preschool /Daycare
  5. Early Light Family Preschool/Daycare
  6. Child Enrichment Center
  7. Honeybear Preschool & Daycare


  1. Pioneer Montessori Preschool
  2. Pioneer State Preschool


  1. Brenda’s Day Care
  2. Nanna's Night Owls
  3. Polly's Child Care


  1. Bloom Educare
  2. Monarch Montessori Preschool
  3. Plymouth State Preschool
  4. Kid Time


 For more information on local child care providers, please call The Resource Connection at (209) 223-1624.