California Children Services (CCS)

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The California Children Services (CCS) Program coordinates and authorizes specialized medical care for children diagnosed with eligible health care needs from birth to 21 years of age

Eligible clients receive:

  • diagnostic evaluations;
  • treatment services;
  • medical case management; and
  • physical and occupational therapy*.
    *no financial eligibility for therapy services

Your son/daughter is eligible if:

  • is a resident of Amador County;
  • has a CCS eligible medical condition; and
  • meets one of the following:
    • your son/daughter has no share of cost Medi-Cal
    • your family's annual income is less than $40,000 (AGI); or
    • your son/daughter's medical expenses are expected to exceed 20% of your annual income (AGI)

For more information or to make an application to the CCS program call 223-6630 or visit the California Children's Services website.

"Caring commitment to community health by promoting individual health, preventing disease and disability, and protecting against environmental risk, through education and intervention."