Amador County Abandoned Vehicle Authority

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The Amador County Code Enforcement Department administers the state-funded vehicle abatement program.  The program is designed to remove abandoned/inoperable vehicles that are a hazard or public nuisance on public or private property.  After a vehicle is tagged, a contract tow company removes the vehicle.  A licensed dismantler or scrapyard then disposes of the vehicle.  This service is currently offered at no cost.

For information or questions regarding vehicle abatement, please call the Amador County Code Enforcement Department at (209) 223-6565.

Before calling with questions about the program, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help you better understand the program.


How do I get an abandoned vehicle removed from my property?

Contact the Amador County Code Enforcement Department to request vehicle abatement.  The Code Enforcement Officer will verify the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and place a green notice of abatement sticker on the vehicle.  Notice of removal letters will be sent to the registered owner and property owner.  The registered owner will have 16 days to remove the vehicle or contest the abatement.  If no response is received and Code Enforcement has the signed permission slip from the property owner, the vehicle will be towed by the contract tow company within 72 hours and disposed of by a licensed dismantler or scrapyard.

How do I get an abandoned vehicle removed from my neighbor's property?

Once a complaint is received and verified, Code Enforcement will send a notice of violation letter to the property owner. The property owner will have approximately four weeks to either remove the vehicle, demonstrate it operable, or screen it in accordance with Amador County Municipal Code Chapter 10.32 (Abandoned Vehicle Abatement).  If the property owner refuses to comply, Code Enforcement may obtain inspection and abatement warrants through the court to gain compliance. Complainants remain confidential and we accept anonymous complaints. 

What types of vehicles are covered under the program?

The program covers standard size cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  The program may cover ATV's, utility trailers, trailered boats, travel trailers, and motor homes at the discretion of the Code Enforcement Officer.  If any of these vehicles are abandoned on your property and not covered under the program, Code Enforcement may still issue you a DMV junk slip for the vehicle authorizing you to dispose of it at your own expense.  



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