How to File a Complaint

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For Most Complaints - Call 209/257-0112

If you believe that this is a fire endangerment issue, call your local fire protection agency or dial 911. The Air District does not put out fires.

In general, the quickest way to submit an air quality complaint to the District is to call 209/257-0112 during regular business hours. If you call outside of regular business hours or on the weekend please leave us a message or you may use our complaint form with a call back number where we can reach you. Without complete, clear information we may not be able to investigate your complaint.

The District will log your complaint, assign it to our inspector, and initiate an investigation within 24 hours of receipt your information.

When you call, please have the following information ready:

  • A specific description of the problem. Is it odor, smoke, or dust?
  • The location of the problem including address and cross streets, if known.
  • If known, who is causing the problem?
  • The time the problem occurs, including time of day and frequency.
Specific and accurate information can significantly speed the District’s investigation of your complaint.


Alternatively, you may use the complaint form to email your complaint to the District. The information submitted will be processed during regular business hours. Your information is always kept confidential.

Smoking Vehicles: