Businesses and Compliance

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Tips for Staying in Compliance 

One of the Air District's functions is to help businesses subject to air pollution control laws maintain compliance.

Tip #1 - Read your permits

Rules and regulations do change, your permit will be modified to comply with those changes.

District staff works hard to advise businesses of up coming rule and regulation changes that will affect operations. But, it is your responsibility to be aware of these changes and to carry out those actions that may be necessary within the required timeframe.

Tip #2  -  Understand your permits

If there is anything in your permit that you do not understand, call the District or talk to the inspector when he/she is at your site. You can not comply with something you do not understand.

Tip #3  -  Contact the District before purchasing new or used equipment

Don't spend money until you've talked to the District about an upgrade or change. There may be regulatory changes that are in the pipeline that you haven't heard about that could result in your 'new' purchase being outdated before it's installed and running. Following the correct process for changes to your facility helps you to avoid this problem. Get Authority to Construct approval before you buy.

Tip #4  -  Make sure you do the paperwork

Changes of equipment and changes of ownership all require paperwork. Call the District, we will help you to get the correct paperwork to us.

Tip #5  -  Look at your operation regularly (self-inspect)

Tip #6  -  Keep good records of material usage and operational hours

You must report your throughput to the District each January. Keeping good records makes this fast and easy. If you are unsure what information to track, call the District.

Tip #7 - Request a Facility Review

A facility review and consultation is a free on-site review of your business' compliance status. This is not an official inspection; rather it is an opportunity for you to learn what you need to do in order to comply with District rules. If areas of concern are identified, the District will work with you to formulate a plan to correct those concerns.