Alternatives to Burning

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Are There Alternatives to Burning?

The answer is YES!

Many people realize that outdoor burning is not always feasible or allowed. This is the case if air quality is forecasted to be poor, if it is the middle of fire season, or if you live in an area with a lot of neighbors.

Common alternatives to burning include composting, chipping, mulching, and recycling through the local landfill or transfer station.

We have some brochures on composting. Contact us to obtain a brochure.

Here are a few web pages with more information on alternatives to burning.

Organic Information
The California Integrated Waste Management Board offers information on composting, mulching, grasscycling and more.

UC Cooperative Extension - Amador County
The local resource for farmers, consumers and resource managers. Provides a good brochure on composting!

Biomass Developments as an Alternative to Burning
Biomass uses in California all in one convenient place. Information mostly for larger scale projects.

Cal Poly Tree Selection Guide
A great tool! Search for tree species based on different criteria (low emitting, fire resistant, water resistant, etc.)