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Secured Taxes

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The first installment of secured property taxes is due on November 1 and is delinquent at 5 pm on December 10, after which a 10% penalty attaches. The second installment is due on February 1 and is delinquent at 5 pm on April 10, after which a 10% penalty and a $20.00 cost attaches.

If secured taxes are not paid and the property becomes tax-defaulted, it will be necessary, as provided by State Law, to pay delinquency penalties, costs, redemption penalties and a redemption fee.

"DEFAULTED TAXES ARE OWED ON THIS PARCEL" on the face of the secured tax bill indicates unpaid taxes for prior fiscal year(s). Contact the Tax Collector for the correct redemption amount due, as it is not included on the tax bill.

If the property has been sold, please forward the tax bill to the new owner or return the bill to the Tax Collector's Office.