Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Treasurer / Tax Collector

    • Are supplemental tax bills sent to my lender for payment?

    • How do I apply for a Homeowner's Exemption?

    • How do I change the address where my tax bill is mailed?

    • How does a supplemental tax bill affect me?

    • Is the annual property tax bill the only tax bill I will receive?

    • What are the penalties if I don't pay my property taxes on time?

    • What if I do not receive my annual property tax bill?

    • What if I pay my property taxes through my lender?

    • When are my property taxes due, and when do they become delinquent?

    • When are supplemental tax bills due?

    • Who determines the amount of my property taxes?

    • Who is responsible for paying the property taxes on property I/we just purchased?

    • Who provides the address shown on the property tax bill?

    • Why am I getting two supplemental tax bills?

    • Why are delinquencies highest among new property owners?