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Search and Rescue (SAR)

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The Amador County Sheriff's Search and Rescue (SAR) Team is a volunteer based organization. The SAR Team is supervised as a collateral duty, by a sergeant and two deputy sheriffs. SAR Team members receive a multitude of training specific to the SAR environment. The SAR Team volunteers are on-call 24 hours a day. They may be called upon by the Sheriff to conduct a search for and rescue of lost or injured persons. The SAR Team also handles other duties as assigned and they may also be called upon to assist in mutual aid searches in other counties.

Within the Amador County Sheriff's SAR Team there are a variety of specialty units including:

HASTY UNIT- This is a rapid deployment team that has the ability to quickly and efficiently search an area prior to the arrival of other teams. Members possess training and experience in a variety of SAR disciplines and can handle challenging environments of the SAR mission.

GROUND SEARCH UNIT - The Ground Search Unit is a foot search and rescue team. SAR team members are cross trained and many are also members of the Hasty Unit. The Ground Search Unit members are trained to observe and be alert for clues that may have been left behind by the lost person.

NORDIC UNIT - This Nordic Unit is specifically trained for Winter SAR missions and may include the use of skis, snowmobiles, or snowshoes.

SWIFTWATER UNIT - The Swiftwater Rescue Unit receives special training for the river environment and assists the Sheriff's Office Dive Team on swiftwater rescues.

The Amador County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team has proven to be an exceptional unit. They successfully complete numerous rescues and recoveries each year, often in unforgiving terrain and in extremely poor conditions. The Sheriff is extremely proud of this dedicated group of volunteers.

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