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Cold Case Investigations

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This web page has been created in an effort to obtain any information which would assist the Amador County Sheriff's Office in their investigations of unsolved homicides or missing persons cases.

If you have information on any unsolved homicide you can contact the Amador County Sheriff's Office at (209) 223-6515 or

You may also submit an online tip here >>>

Case SynopsisStafford

On April 7, 1997 Steven Lee Stafford (20 years old) was working on a construction job site in the area of Pioneer near Highway 88. Stafford reportedly got into an argument and walked off the job site without anyone seeing him leave. At the time he left, Stafford was reportedly wearing blue jeans, a gray and blue flannel shirt and ankle high boots.

A missing persons report was taken at the time and a search of several locations was conducted. A missing persons bulletin was distributed throughout the county and to surrounding agencies.

On December 21, 1997, a hiker discovered human skeletal remains in the steep wooded area of the Mokelumne River canyon, below River Road. At autopsy, the remains were identified as that of Stafford. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head.

Anyone with information into the death of Steven Stafford is encouraged to contact the Amador County Sheriff's Office at (209) 223-6515.

Case Synopsis5-15palmer

Dennis Palmer (33 years old) lived with his girlfriend at his home on Middle Bar Road in Jackson at the time of his death in 1987.  On August 3, 1987, Palmer's girlfriend left for work from the residence around 6:30am.  Palmer was still in bed at the time, but mentioned that he was thinking about visiting his parents in Alpine County later in the day.  When she returned home from work, Palmer was gone as was his pick up truck.  After he failed to return, Palmer's girlfriend contacted his parents, who advised that he never arrived at their residence.

Friends of Palmer's were notified of his disappearance and began conducting a search of the area during the week, but were unable to locate him.

On August 10, 1987 the Amador County Sheriff's Office continued their search for Palmer.  On August 20, 1987, the body of Dennis Palmer was discovered in a mine shaft on his property.

Anyone with information into the death of Dennis Palmer is encouraged to contact the Amador County Sheriff's Office at (209) 223-6515.

Case SynopsisShomler

During the evening hours of January 11, 1987, the victim, Gloria Shomler (33 years old), along with her husband Brian, and their two young children were at their residence in Pioneer. While the two children went upstairs and went to bed, the victim and her husband remained down stairs. According to Brain Shomler, he left for work after his daughters went to bed for the night.

The two daughters told deputies that when they awoke early on the morning of January 12th, they went to their parents bedroom and found their mother in bed. When the daughters could not wake her, they went next door and told their grandmother. At approximately 0740 hours, the Amador County Sheriff's Office received a call reporting the death of Gloria Shomler. When deputies arrived at the Shomler residence they found Gloria Shomler lying on her bed and she was deceased. A subsequent autopsy determined Gloria died as a result of stab wounds to her chest and abdomen.

The evidence and interviews have not, to date, led to the arrest of the person or persons responsible for this murder. This case still remains open and the Amador County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone with any information to contact the Sheriff's Office at (209) 223-6515.