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Sheriff's Office History

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amadorsmThe Amador County Sheriff’s Office was founded at the time of the establishment of Amador County in June of 1854.

The Sheriffs of Amador County

Photo Date of Office  Name 
No Photo 1854* William H. Phoenix*
No Photo 1855 George Durham
No Photo 1856-1859 W.J. Paugh
Robert Cosner 1860-62 1860-1862 Robert Cosner
No photo 1863 Bolland B. Redhead
No Photo 1864 I.N. Randolph
Robert Cosner 1860-62 1865-1866 Robert Cosner
No Photo 1867-1870 George Durham
 No Photo 1871-1872 Henry Benjamin Kelly
Fagan, Peter 1870 1873-1874 Peter Fagan
John Vogan 1875-83 1875-1883 John Vogan
No Photo 1884-1885 Matthew Murray 
R_ J_ Adams 1886-91
1886-1891 Robert J. Adams
U_S_ Gregory 1892-1901
1892-1901 U.S. Gregory
No Photo 1902-1905 Tomas K. Norman
U_S_ Gregory 1892-1901
1906-1909 U.S. Gregory
John S_ Davis 1910-13
1910-1913 John S. Davis
1914-1954 George W. Lucot
1955-1965 Karl W. Joses
1966-1974 Joseph P. Martin
1975-1982 Ronald G. Curran
1982-1991  Robert T Campbell 
1991-1995** Ken Blake**
1995-2007 Michael F. Prizmich
2007-Present Martin A. Ryan
  * Killed in the line of duty.  ** Died in office.