Kim's Bio

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Kim's Bio

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 Amador County Clerk/Recorder, Kimberly L. Grady is a 5th generation resident of Amador County on both sides of her family tree.  Kim began her career with Amador County in the Public Works Department in 1993, then transferred to the Clerk/Recorder's Office over 24 years ago.  In those 24 years, Kim has become an expert in all aspects and responsibilities associated with the Clerk/Recorder's Office.  With her many years of experience Kim is truly a "working boss" understanding that a hands on approach strengthens her management skills and is of unique benefit to those who work for her and the citizens of Amador County as well.

The mandated duties of Kim's office include those of County Clerk, Recorder, Registrar of Voters, Commissioner of Civil Marriages and Local Registrar of Births and Deaths.  Kim's working experience at all levels within this office makes her uniquely qualified to successfully lead her team.  In total, these important and complex responsibilities have a combined budget of over $1,000,000.00 and 6 dedicated staff.

Kim attended local schools, graduating from Argonaut High School in 1988.  Kim is married to Pat and together they have two sons.  When not working, Kim enjoys drawing, painting, reading and spending time with family and friends.  Some of that time is spent devoted to her family's historical ranch and favorite County tourist attraction, Daffodil Hill, which is owned by her father George and her uncles, Martin and Michael Ryan.

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