2019 UDEL Election

Uniform District Election - November 5, 2019

The Uniform District Election is scheduled for November 5, 2019 for the purpose of electing directors. Running for one of these offices is a great way to become involved in your community. 

Candidate filing has closed and the districts that have had more candidates file than currently have open positions will be placed on the ballot for the election on November 5, 2019. These districts are:

Drytown Co. Water                 Not Having an Election

Fiddletown CSD                       Not Having an Election

Ione Memorial                          Not Having an Election   

Lockwood FPD                         Not Having an Election

Pine Acres CSD                        Not Having an Election   

Pine Grove CSD                        Not Having an Election   

Ranch House Estates CSD     Not Having an Election

Ridgewood Acres CSD           Not Having an Election   

River Pines PUD                       2 Directors      3 Candidates       Having an election

Sunset Heights CSD                Not Having an Election

Sutter Creek FPD                     Not Having an Election               


Candidates must be a registered voter residing within the District.

The Candidate Filing period opens July 15, 2019 and closes at 5:00 p.m. on August 9, 2017.  Between these dates nomination papers will be available and can be obtained from either the Amador County Elections Office at 810 Court St., Jackson CA or the office of the Secretary of the District. You may also download the candidate guide and timeline here. You may also download FPPC Campaign Forms here.

Below is the full calendar for candidates interested in filing for office for one of the above districts:

155 June 3, 2019 Special Districts Notice of Elective Offices To Be Filled
155 June 3, 2019 District Resolution Proclamation of Election
155 June 3, 2019 District Resolution of Consolidation
125 July 3, 2019 Districts Submit List of Offices To Be Filled
120 July 8, 2019 Publish Notice of Election
113 July 15, 2019 First Day - Declaration of Candidacy
88 August 9, 2019 Last Day - Declaration of Candidacy
83 August 14, 2019 Extension of Filing for Declaration of Candidacy
83 August 14, 2019 Appointment of Candidates in Lieu of Election
82 August 15, 2019 Random Draw by SOS
60 September 6, 2019 Publish Candidates List
57 September 9, 2019 First Day - Write In Candidate
40 September 26, 2019 First Day to Mail Sample Ballots (will be included in VBM packets for River Pines)
29 October 7, 2019 First Day -to mail Vote by Mail Ballots
15 October 21, 2019 Close of Registration
14 October 22, 2019 Last Day - Write In Candidate
10 October 26, 2019 Public Notice of Central Count, Poll Workers, Polling Places
7 October 29, 2019 Last Day - Absentee Ballots by Mail
0 November 5, 2019 ************** ELECTION DAY*****************
+26 December 1, 2019 Directors take office at noon or at nearest board meeting after this date


For further information, please contact the Elections Office at (209) 223-6465 or via email at elections@amadorgov.org.