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District 3 : Jeff Brown

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Jeff Brown proudly represents Amador County District 3.  After 24 years in the Air Force and 11 years in the USDA Forest Service, Jeff has learned what commitment and loyalty is to not only his Country, but his Community.  He has a strong, yet nurturing leadership style that is proving to be an asset in the Upcountry District 3 where he is Chairperson of the Upcountry Community Council and President of the First Mace Meadow Water Association. 

Jeff is very proud of his family and happy that his wife, mother, son and his wife, and new granddaughter, all live in close proximity to each other in Mace Meadow. 

Being approachable and disseminating information is a key factor in his success in this position.  Please email Jeff with your name and contact information with questions and comments.

Information is also be available on Jeff's Facebook page:

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