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Devices - Each commercial weighing or measuring device is tested in accordance with the approved frequency of inspection.

Petroleum - Automotive products sold in California are tested to ensure they meet minimum quality standards. The advertising and labeling of these products are also regulated to ensure uniformity and fairness.

Weighmaster - Assures that commercial transactions based on quantities certified on a weighmaster certificate are accurate. The Program licenses as a weighmaster, individuals or firms who weigh, measure, or count bulk commodities and issue certificates of accuracy of the weight, measure, or count.

Service Agent - Oversees the installation and repair of commercial weighing and measuring devices by ensuring service agencies and agents employed by them are properly registered, licensed and are familiar with their legal rights and responsibilities.

Quantity Control - This program's responsibilities include: checking packages for accuracy of net content statements; verifying that businesses request only the correct amount of payment when customers make purchases; and enforcement of "Fair Packaging and Labeling Act" requirements, including laws against misleading and deceptive packages or advertisements.

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