Current Fee Schedule

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Fee Cost
Encroachment Permits: (Per Ordinance #1646 and #1704 Chapter 12.10)
Residential/Commercial Driveways $625**
Public Utility Company Encroachment Permits $ Per Ordinance #1704
Mailbox $25
Pre-Site Inspection                     $85 / Hour  (1 hour minimum)                     (Per Ordinance #1704)
**Plus Performance Security of 75% of Contractors Estimate (Per Ordinance #1653)  
Grading Permit Fees: (Per Ordinance #1670 cHAPTER 15.40)
Pre-Site Inspection (Optional, at request of the permittee)

$85 / Hour (One hour minimum)

(Per Ordinance #1704)

Exempted Grading Acknowledgement     $85  (per Resolution #12-025)
Excavation Between 50 and 250 Cubic Yards (CY) Deposit $439, then actual costs
Excavation over 250 CY through 1000 CY Deposit* $439 plus $0.20/CY over 250 CY up to1000 CY, then actual costs
Excavation over 1000 CY through 5,000 CY Deposit* $530 plus $0.15/CY over 1000 CY but less than 5,000 CY, then actual costs
Excavation over 5,000 CY (requires engineered plans be reviewed and construction inspection) deposit, then actual costs  
a. Plan review fee deposit* 2.5% of engineer's certified estimate of construction cost - paid with plan submittal plan review
b. Inspection fee deposit* 2.5% of engineer's certified estimate of construction cost - paid prior to release of final reviewed plans
Reinspections $50 each
Plan revisions requiring additional review $50 per revision
Septic fill permits $150
Public Works Review Fees: (Per Ordinance #1646 AND #1704 cHAPTER 3.58)
Pre-Application Conference for Submittal of the Following
Documents: $85 / Hour - 1 Hour Minimum
Request for Chapter 15.30 Deviations $750
CEQA Evaluations* $1,500
Subdivision Map * $2,000
Parcel Maps* $1,500
Conditional Use Permits* $500
Traffic Impact Fee: (Per Ordinance #1614 cHAPTER 7.84)
Residential Only


Commercial (Varies)

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Transportation Permits & Oversize Loads:                                                                 (Per Ordinance #1704 CHAPTER 3.58)
Single Trip Permit Fee $16
Annual Permit Fee $90

* Fees "deposited" are based on estimated time.  The final fee amount will be based on actual time spent on plan review and inspection multiplied by the hourly rate of individuals involved.  If actual costs fall over or under the deposit by more than $50 the permittee pays or is reimbursed the difference respectively.