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The majority of the following tasks are mandated by law - Government Code, Business & Professions Code, Public Resources Code & County Code. 

Map Processing
Record of Surveys
    Boundary Line Adjustments
    Parcel Maps
    LAFCO Maps

Land Title Processing
Schedule & hold "in house" public hearings
    Certificates of Compliance
    Certificates of Correction
    Corner Records

Professional Services
Perform land surveys ordered by Court or on behalf of the County
    Perform land surveys assigned by the Board of Supervisors on behalf of the County
    Prepare and update Supervisorial District Maps
    Prepare and update re-districting maps for the new census
    Prepare legal descriptions on behalf of the County
    Re-mounumentation of section corners
    May be required to survey County boundaries

Uniform Property Numbering System
Issue street addresses - direct liaison to emergency personnel - CDF, AFPD, OES, and to delivery and
    tracking personnel - post office(s), Assessor's Office (map person) and GIS (map person)

Road Names
Process through the Board of Supervisors the naming or changing of road names
    Maintain road index of all roads - private, county maintained and city streets.  Distribute index to 
    emergency personnel and other governmental agencies.

    Checking all road names appearing on new maps to ensure "no road name duplication" as instructed by 
    Board of Supervisors.  Communicating with the various cities to check with us to also ensure the "no
    road name duplication" on their maps

Indexes/Data Bases
Scan all recorded maps into computer system so that they can be easily reproduced 
    Maintain geograhical and multiple indexes to locate recorded survey maps
    Maintain copies of updated Assessor maps
    Maintain numerous historical maps
    Maintain LAFCO, Assessment District, Ag maps, some BLM maps and notes
    Maintain townsite maps and notes
    Maintain ROS index

Reprographics Services
Provide copies of recorded maps (provided by County Recorder in other counties)
    Provide copies of Assessor maps
    Large format printing
    Scanning and reproducing maps in black and white or color - reducing and enlarging capability

    The above services are offered for the general public and other governmental agencies. 

    There is a charge for the above services and the Department does not accept ATM or credit cards.

- Surveying Department reviews boundary map and legal descriptions.  We retained complete set
    of files and maps.  These files have since been reproduced for the new LAFCO person so that she is able
    to function

Admin Support
    2010 Census and redistricting

    Subdivision improvement bonds (performance, labor & materials and warranty) and project status and
    processing for Board approval - Certificate of Completion

    1.  Surveying Department assisting other County departments
Provide surveying services for other County departments

    2.  Recorder's Office - Surveying Department assists in all map recordation including proper recordation 
    information, agreements, notary information, etc.

    3.  Assessor's Office - Surveying Department provides all land title information, newly recorded maps,
    addresses and new road names to the Assessor's draftsman so that he can keep the Assessor maps 
    updated and current.  Provided complete road index data for their program.

    4.  GIS - Surveying Department assists GIS personnel regarding road names and locations can be 
    updated and kept current.  Provided complete road index data for their program.

    5.  Public Works - Surveying Department provides training for Public Works staff in looking up County 
    road right of way.  Keep track of the subdivision improvement bonds and project status and process for
    Board approval and Certificate of Completion.  Surveying Department provides surveying work, mapping,
    and drawing legal descriptions as requested, and with time allowed.  Process road abandonment 
    projects to Board.  Provide large format printing services for improvement plans and maps.  Loan out
    surveying equipment and instruments as necessary.