Juvenile Services

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The Amador County Probation Department provides detention, supervision and alternative custody services for all juvenile offenders within its jurisdiction. 

Officers are assigned a case after a referral has been made to the Amador County Probation Department by a law enforcement agency.  Officers evaluate those cases for appropriate action.  Action can range from a case being closed with no further action taken to a referral to the Amador County District Attorney for prosecution.  Those cases, if the juvenile offender is placed on probation, will be supervised by a Probation Officer.  The Amador County Probation Department attempts to have the original officer who evaluates a case supervise a case until the case is terminated. 

Additionally, the Amador County Probation Department participates in attendance monitoring with the Amador County Unified School District in an attempt to address truancy issues before truants come into contact with the juvenile justice system. 

The Amador County Probation Department also participates in the Peer Court program sponsored by the Amador County Superior Court.  Certain low level juvenile offenders are diverted into the Peer Court program where a jury of their peers is charged with determining their fate.  Peer attorneys paired with mentor attorneys are charged with presenting cases to the jury.  Issues regarding particular facts of a case is not the focus of the Peer Court.  Peer Court takes place once a month at night during the school year. 

It is a goal of the Amador County Probation Department to address juvenile delinquency issues at the lowest level possible with the hope positive behavior change is achieved.  This not only keeps families healthy and in some cases intact, but also saves tax payer dollars in that juvenile offenders requiring higher levels of supervision are pinpointed for services that can/will have the greatest positive impact upon their lives. 

Probation Officers use an evidence based needs/risk assessment tool to help guide them when making supervision decisions.   

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