GIS and Mapping

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Amador County system wide GIS data development is currently managed by the County's Information Services Department, with applications utilized by various County departments as well as residents.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a database system containing mappable information. GIS stores its data in tables and allows you to display, manipulate, query, analyze and edit the data through an interactive digital map.  The GIS not only shows the map features themselves such as parcel boundaries, roads, or ground water monitoring well locations, but also contains information about those map features such as parcel property characteristics, road functional class and condition, and the distance of a monitoring well to the nearest potential contamination source. This data is graphically displayed as map "layers" with information geographically linked to a specific location. This information can be further analyzed and exported into spreadsheets and other report formats for further use.

The Planning Department utilizes the County GIS for some of these purposes, and more:

  • Zoning and General Plan mapping
  • Parcel splits, subdivisions, and lot-line adjustments
  • Abutting land owner notification
  • Williamson Act enrollment and farmland mapping
  • Emergency and Hazard planning

The GIS Viewer and Parcel Search tools are available on the Amador County web site, making this information easy to access as a useful and free service to the public. 

For more information about the County's GIS and  downloadable data, see the Information Technology Department's webpage, available here