How Prepared am I?

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Everyone is subject to some sort of disaster.  Forest fire, flood, mudslide, winter storm, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, pandemic out break or nuclear accident.

So ask yourself, just how prepared am I?  The electric goes out all over the county.  The gas gets turned off.  There's no water.  My building is stable enough to stay in it.  It is best we do not go outside.  What do I do?  I'll go through my home right now to see how well I'd survive.  Here's one person's assessment:

....since it's dark, I stumbled my way into the bedroom and phew, there's the flashlight in my nightstand drawer and it works!  I check in my battery drawer but there's only 1 for the flashlight and it needs two. (mental note: buy spare batteries!) I then go to the kitchen drawer and get out the tea lights and find the lighter.  I remember I threw a bunch of matches away.  I then light the candle that's always set out and find only 2 extras on my office shelf.

I don't have any stored water and only one 16 oz bottle left which equates to one toilet flush.  I didn't feel like going to the grocery store last night so my grocery order was put off.  One bottle of grape juice, 7 beers, half box of wine, 2 boxes of lemonade and a few bottles of coke.  That's it.

Since I hate to cook and I don't have a grill, knowing everything in the fridge will eventually spoil I look to my cupboards.  These will be our staples to survive the next few days or even weeks.  A few cans of green beans, corn, peas, tuna, tomato soup and a box of granola bars.  One loaf of bread. Half jar of peanut butter and a bag of cashews.  If push came to shove we'd have to start working on stuff like croutons, spaghetti sauce, cake mix, but I would hope we'd get help fast from Red Cross or FEMA. (If they can get in to help.)

I don't have a battery operated radio so I don't know what the situation is in our area.  I don't have a first aid kit in the event one of us had been injured; I just found some small band aids in the medicine cabinet along with my prescription meds that are ½ full.  We do have a lot of blankets, and my important papers all in one container.

I check my wallet and I only have $4.00 in cash.  I'm not sure how long it's going to take the banks to open and there is no power for the ATM or the gas pumps.  We'd survive for about a week on what I currently have at home, but that's it.

Sound familiar?  How would you fair?