Amador County GIS Division

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What is GIS and how does it serve Amador County?

Amador County system wide GIS data development is currently on hold as a result of budget cuts, however the GIS Viewer and Parcel Search continue to be accessible on the web site.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a database system containing mappable information. Like other information systems, a GIS stores its data in tables. Unlike other information systems, a GIS allows you to display, manipulate, query, analyze and edit the data through an interactive digital map because the information is inherently geographic. The GIS not only shows the map features themselves such as parcel boundaries, roads, or ground water monitoring well locations, but also contains information about those map features such as parcel property characteristics, road functional class and condition, and the distance of a monitoring well to the nearest potential contamination source. Besides being graphically displayed as map "layers", this information can be analyzed, cross-compared, number-crunched, and exported into spreadsheets and other report formats for further use.

GIS technology is used to support decision making wherever location is a consideration. The Amador County GIS Division was created in 2006 to bring together useful information from different sources and make that information easily accessible to County staff and the public. Below are examples of how GIS supports the needs of County departments:

• Pesticide permitting and use reporting
• Mapping of noxious weeds

• Parcel mapping
• Property appraisals and sales comparisons
• Detection of new construction in aerial photos
• Locating access routes to remote properties

Board of Supervisors
• Examination of property information, administrative attributes, infrastructure, environmental considerations and other map features within their respective districts

• Redistricting of supervisorial districts and voter precincts based on US Census data

Environmental Health
• Pre-visit planning for on-site sewage and siting inspections
• Solid waste and nuisance complaint enforcement
• Illegal dump site mapping

General Services Administration
• Mapping and spatial analysis in support of County proposals, projects and legal activities

Office of Emergency Services
• Mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities before, during and after emergencies or disasters
• Damage assessments based on GIS parcel information
• Reverse 911 (a GIS-based emergency notification system)
• Amador County Emergency Services Guide and Road Atlas

• Zoning and General Plan mapping
• Abutting land owner notifications

Public Health
• Disease incidence and vaccination mapping

Public Works
• County maintained mileage inventory
• Rights-of-way mapping

• RIMS (Response Information Management System - a GIS-based emergency response system)

The Amador County GIS has also supported the following agencies:

Amador County Unified School District
• Mapping of student residence locations in support of bus route planning

Amador County Transportation Commission
• GIS analysis in support of future land use scenario testing and the effects on traffic using
• Mapping in support of proposed road construction projects

Amador Fire Protection Agency
• Verification of ownership of contiguous parcels
• Verification of insurance rates based on a property’s fire district and its proximity to the nearest fire hydrant and fire station

Amador Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
• Mapping in support of administrative and service district annexations and detachments

Amador Recreation Agency
• Mapping of parks and recreational trails

Amador Water Agency
• Parcel data in support of sewer and water infrastructure mapping

City of Sutter Creek
• Land use mapping in support of the Westover Field Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan

City of Jackson
• Provision of GIS map layers for use by the city’s Planning Department

California Board of Equalization
• Determination of tax rate area boundaries
• Parcel and assessment data in support of more efficient resource allocation of state and federal emergency response agencies

California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection
• Parcel mapping including information regarding presence/absence of structures in support of emergency planning and response

California Department of Conservation
• Parcel mapping representing Williamson Act enrollment in support of annual statewide farmland mapping

The GIS Viewer and Parcel Search now available on the Amador County web site makes this information easy to access as a useful and free service to the public.