Land Use & Development

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As a department under the umbrella of the Land Use Agency, Amador County Environmental Health Department works closely with both the Planning and Building Departments. The Environmental Health Department evaluates land use and land development issues for potentially significant impacts to public health or the environment.  Conditions of project approval or mitigation measures are also reviewed and recommended to the decision making body as a means of reducing potential impacts.  Department review focuses on water supply and waste disposal requirements as well as naturally occurring and man-made hazards as they relate to proposed land use projects.  
These activities include: 
    • Investigation and review of land use applications, such as subdivisions, parcel maps, planned developments, zoning amendments, variances, boundary line adjustments, use permits, accessory dwelling requirements, and Environmental Impact Reports. 
    •  Investigation and review of the availability of adequate potable (drinking) water supplies and treatment and proper disposal of liquid and solid wastes.
    •  Investigation and review for potential naturally occurring or man-made hazards.