Hearing Authority Volunteers Needed

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Amador County Environmental Health Department
810 Court Street, Jackson, Ca 95642
(209) 223 - 6439 Fax (209) 223 - 6228

Hazardous Materials Hearing Authority Volunteers Needed.   

The Amador County Hazardous Materials (CUPA) ordinance provides for an appeal process where a person may appeal an enforcement order of the CUPA to a local Hearing Panel or an Administrative Law Judge. Hearing Authority members are needed to hear and evaluate appeals to administrative orders of the CUPA.

“Hearing authority" is defined by section 25.010 N Amador County Code as any person or persons, qualified by training or experience, which the board of supervisors may appoint to conduct such hearings; or an administrative law judge assigned to the State of California Office of Administrative Hearings. Resolution 09-084 provides for a Hearing Authority to be composed of three members and three alternates consisting of one member of the regulated community, one member of the general public, and one current or former government employee (which government employee is not employed or been previously employed by Amador County). Members of the Hearing Authority should have previous experience with the management or regulation of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes. Members of the Hearing Authority serve a three year term with the possibility of reappointment to an additional three year term.

Expressions of interest including a statement of hazardous materials background and the proposed area of representation should be submitted to the Amador County Environmental Health Department, 810 Court Street, Jackson, CA 95642. Please call Environmental Health at (209) 223–6439 for additional information on the Hazardous Materials Hearing Authority.