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  • Why do I need a Grading Permit?

  • Am I allowed to grade during the “rainy season?”

  • How long does it take to get a Grading Permit?

  • Why do I need Compaction tests for a structure?

  • When do I need a Grading Permit?

  • Why is it required that I have my washing machine discharge into the septic tank?

  • It's winter. Can I pour concrete when it's raining?

  • Do I really have to put 2 layers of building paper under my stucco lath?

  • I thought attic insulation saved energy and money. A year ago a contractor installed fiberglass insulation between our attic rafters but our costs have remained the same. What's up with this?

  • Do we have to have an exhaust hood over our kitchen stove if we don't want one? Is it required by code?

  • May I put a storage shed on my property without a permit?

  • I own a small handyman service and was stopped by one of your inspectors and told that I need a permit to install a water heater. Why should I get a permit?

  • I want to pour a 24 X 24 slab that is not attached to the house and use it for a parking pad. Next year I want to construct a garage on the slab. Will I need drawings for the slab and future garage?

  • How can I contact my Inspector?

  • How do I complain about a contractor?

  • How do I reactivate or get an extension on a permit?

  • I called for an inspection and was given a correction for something that was not shown on the plans. How can the inspector do this?