Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get blank document forms from the Recorder's Office?

No.  Forms must be obtained from a stationery store, title company, attorney or online.

Which form should I use?

We can not give advise on which forms to use as it is considered legal advise.  Please check with an attorney or a title company.  Some information and some forms can be obtained at

Can I pay with a debit or credit card?

No.  The only forms of payment this office can accept are cash, check or money order.

Who can purchase certified copies of births, deaths and marriages?

Only persons authorized by California Health and Safety Code 103526 are able to obtain authorized copies of birth, death and marriage records.  

Where do I get a copy of my divorce/dissolution/annulment papers?

Copies of these records are available at the Amador County Superior Court or the Superior Court where the action took place.

Will the Recorder's Office do a property search (ie ownership, easements, etc.) for me?

No.  The Recorder's Office is like a library.  The information is available here, as it is all public record, but you or someone you hire must do any research. After the research is done and you have decided which particular documents you would like to purchase, a copy request can be made to the office, citing document references (book and page or document numbers including the year).