Little Libraries

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Little Libraries 

The Little Libraries Project was funded by an LSTA grant (Library Services and Technology Act)
awarded to the Amador County Library in FY2013/14 by the California State Library.


Give local community members in four key locations a way to exchange, borrow and read free books.

How does the Little Library Work?

The little library is a small wooden structure designed to provide a place for books to be displayed for
borrowing. The little library works on the honor system, borrow a book, exchange a book for another book,
return a book, donate a book. A library card is not required, there isn't a limit on how long the book may
be borrowed and it is a great way to increase literacy by reading and discussing great books.

Each little library is unique to it's community and each community had an opportunity to paint and
decorate the wooden structure where books now live.

Four initial areas of the county were targeted to receive a Little Library.

River Pines, Lake Camanche, Volcano and Pioneer.
The locations selected were in areas where there wasn't easy access to a nearby library branch.
Each library received a small starter collection comprised of an assortment of 30-40 books.
Adult fiction, non-fiction, children's fiction, children's picture books, teen fiction and large print books
were distributed to each library, in some cases books were provided in English and Spanish.

River Pines Little Library
River Pines Little Library                 Volcano Little Library


pionlittlelib32714Little Library Lake camanche
  Pioneer Little Library                     Lake Camanche Little Library


Since the initial project two additional Little Libraries have been added in Volcano at the General Store and in
River Pines next to the original Little library there is now a Little Library just for children's books. 
Little Library2
Little Library number 2 Volcano General Store donated and built by a local resident

River Pines Children's Little Library 2 donated by the Friends of the Amador County Library
and River Pines Revitalization Association as well as local residents.

Read Across Amador has installed additional Little Free Libraries throughout the county.
To locate all the little libraries in the county see the map below:

   little free library map