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Please note, not all County staff are displayed in the on-line directory.  If you do not locate the desired staff member, please contact the respective department via the number listed in the directory or on the departmental home page.
Mynderup, Jennifer Deputy Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6583
Pak, GraceDeputy County CounselCounty Counsel
Penge, NicoleDeputy Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6241
Powrozek, JeffryInformation Systems AnalystIT(209) 223-6591
Robinson, SheriDeputy Board Clerk Board of Supervisors(209) 223-6470
Rooney, JimAssessorAssessor(209) 223-6351
Ryan, MichaelTreasurer/Tax CollectorTreasurer / Tax Collector(209) 223-6364
Schnepple, Lisa Deputy Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6390
Sealy, TinaFinance & Admin Support SupervisorProbation(209) 223-6582
Segale, Debbie Deptuy Chief Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6240
Shaw, Janet Deputy Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6345
Sheridan, TeresaLegal SecretaryProbation(209) 223-6567
Sperry, MarcusDeputy Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6433
Spinelli, Cody Deputy Probation OfficerProbation(209) 223-6742
Taylor, RobertInformation Systems AnalystIT(209) 223-6591
Weddle, DanielInformation System AnalystIT(209) 223-6591
White, JeffInformation Technology DirectorIT(209) 223-6591
Winter, JamesInformation Systems TechnicianIT(209) 223-6591